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We are beyond stoked to be the exclusive retail spot for the LOWLAND KINGS X MASTA ACE deck.

These are limited & hand numbered and drop 10.16.15. You can Pre-book one now or reserve one in store.

The deck features art from Masta Ace’s LONG HOT SUMMER album. All the boards are produced in the USA to guarantee quality whether you shred this or hang it on your wall.

The charming voice from Tim Armstrong’s hit “Into Action” is none other than Skye Sweetnam. Skye will be performing at Programme with her band SUMO CYCO Sept. 29.
Check out SUMO CYCO in a video directed by Skye.

12017604_952133628184507_3684638469828186894_oPolitic Brand Skateboards just dropped the Fallen Hero collection with Pro boards for Danny Renaud, Dave Caddo, Steve Durante, and Jason Spivey.

Its a full color tribute to the too short lives of Heavy D, Lost Boyz’s Freaky Tah, Apache and KMD’s DJ Sub Roc.

Grab one online here or in store.

Here’s a look back at KMD with Main MC Zev Love X(MF Doom) and his younger brother and fallen hero DJ Subroc…

Chris Joslin just got turnt by Plan B. Pick up his new boards here…

This is Dan from DEATH BY STEREO with his old band EYELID at Natefest.