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RSD 2016 begins at 7am Saturday morning…we’ll have tons of exclusive releases like Insted, Sublime, NOFX, Sense Field, CCR, LUSH, Star Wars/Force Awakens, and more…

Vinyl party!


Vans came into the world in 1966 and over the past half-century has become the iconic lifestyle brand that we now know it as. To celebrate their 50th year they have reissued 5 shoes that range from 1966 to 1982 in a PRO format for added durability and comfort. We received some of these and they’re available on the site and in store. Stay OFF THE WALL.

March 16th brought a very special In-store featuring WORLD BE FREE(Revelation Records). Made up of Scott(Terror), Andrew(Strife), Arthur(Gorilla Biscuits), Sammy(Judge/Youth of Today/Glassjaw) and Joe, WBF combine all the elements of classic and current hardcore to create something full of positive energy and hooks. If you weren’t there then you definitely missed out… Shot by Rob Wallace of Iris Concepts.

Programme Skate & Sound is proud to welcome MIKE BERDIS to the team. With a skill set that kills the streets, parks and ramps all at once, Mike brings a distinct East Coast power to the West Coast. Pennsylvania will miss you but Fullerton is glad to have you now.

Watch for his full part coming soon…